Márcio Cerqueira

“The current project is always the most challenging and the one to which we devote the most attention and care, and Real Amoreiras, also known as Travessa das Águas Livres next to Arquitectos, is proof of that!

All the projects developed with Atelier Pedro Carrilho Arquitectos have the characteristic of attention to detail, which is expressed in the work methodology and project development with clients.

The importance of previous surveys, detailing and specialization work by the team, which culminates in the execution project, is always expressed in the final results of each project.

Having the possibility of developing each project together and having the architects accompany and support them until the final delivery of the works is one of the most valuable features. For us it’s much more than an architecture studio, it’s a house with friends to whom we entrust the development of our projects.”


Rehabilitation | Housing

Travessa das Águas Livres, nº6-8 - Lisbon


Travessa das Águas Livres

Rehabilitation | Hospitality

Rua da Prata, nº249 - Lisbon


Villa Baixa Aparthotel

Rehabilitation | Housing

Campo Mártires da Pátria nº103 - Lisbon


Mártires da Pátria Field 103


Rua de Pádua, nº19 - Cascais


Pádua 19


Travessa da República, nº1 - Cascais


Gandarinha 1

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